zaterdag 1 januari 2011

New super yacht

Aguiladesign-2011 new design super yacht Xi,design by J.Gielens

vrijdag 15 oktober 2010

The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers

The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers was organized in 1893, to advance the art, science, and practice of naval architecture, shipbuilding and marine engineering.  For over a century members have included commercial and governmental practitioners, students, and educators of naval architecture, shipbuilding, and marine and ocean engineering.  



                                Breaking, Design Jan Gielens

 “Breaking,(shark II) & Shark marine craft”
"These  vehicles are conceived, based on very healthy flow mechanisms by which vehicles are created with various extraordinary qualities and high integrity of the design
The know how
The new technology, based on the basic research and the resulting Know How "The Internal Dynamics" has by now reached its full development. It concerns: "A physical electro-magnetic gravity that shows an electronic behavior and a dynamic patron in an interaction between and in space and matter of stability and motion. To mobilize these powers and to form them in their will to a dynamic stability in a creation of marine vehicles" -
The “Internal Dynamics” represent the organization of all forces, internal as well as external, that influence the vehicles.
by means of the configuration of form, matter  and energy. This situation brings about a dynamic equilibrium in the vehicle.
Briefly, the Internal Dynamics directly refer to the natural center which is situated very near the center of gravity. Whereas, the center of gravity tends to move and cannot be controlled, the internal dynamics aim at getting the natural center under control and at keeping it so during all phases of operation.


maandag 4 oktober 2010

Enterprise Europe Network-High performance marine vehicles

A fast marine craft not only must possess a high speed, but also a great stability at a high speed and a great controllability. These kinds of troubles only could be solved by dealing with the problem of energy.
Thanks to the "Internal Dynamics", Breaking and Shark crafts are perfectly controllable, has a great loading capacity and remain absolutely stable at high speeds. These crafts have low energy consumption and can take off almost immediately from out ground effect, so that they get right into "dynamic stability".

The transfer of the technology based on the specific Know-How is done through licensing to the industry. Also, the designer wishes to imply the company interested in the technology in the navigation trials on the water as part of the transfer of the technology. These navigation trials are meant among others to observe the position of the movable fin.
There are several possibilities for the acquaintance of industrial property:
- An agreement of licence of the Know How to concede the rights of manufacturing and commercialising the technology to third companies
- An agreement of licence with a powerful company, which is able to apply the technology
- An agreement with investment companies with diversified possibilities. In all cases technical assistance is provided.
Profile created on: 14 January 2009,Enterprise Europ Network,

08 ES 23D2 27J3

dinsdag 28 september 2010

Jensen Motor Boat,Tony Jensen

Jensen Motor Boat Company was founded by Tony Jensen whose first boat building job in Seattle was at the Moran Ship Yard in 1906.

marine vehicle, design by jan Gielens, please see


maandag 20 september 2010

Schöpfer Yachts was founded in 2008

Schöpfer Yachts was founded in 2008 as a US based company dedicated to the pursuit of advanced yacht aesthetics and technology.
Schöpfer Yachts is among a new breed of yacht companies, which will secure strategic alliances with the world’s finest naval architects and shipyards.

 these marine vehicles "Breaking",please see

The Ghost Yachts G180 is more than what meets the eyes.

The Ghost Yachts G180 is more than what meets the eyes. It is the personification of everything Ghost Yachts stands for. It combines innovative technology  with technology that is proven in practice. The G180 is developed by experience and knowledge but also embodies the vision and talent which is required to think forward.   
The G180 marks a new generation of superyachts. More efficient in operation, higher comfort levels and better sustainability. The G180 appeals to those who share our passion for innovation, design and technology.

 marine vehicles,"Breaking"design jan Gielens please see

vrijdag 17 september 2010

Sunreef yachts,luxury yacht building

Founded in 2000 by two French entrepreneurs full of energy, innovative ideas and passion for boating, Francis and Nicolas Lapp - father and son -, Sunreef Yachts has seen consistent growth with new models launched regularly every year. The family-run business, based in the famous seafaring city of Gdansk, Poland, has revolutionised the yachting world after the introduction of its new product on the market,


Industrial Designer jan Gielens,designed "Breaking" marine vehicles, please see

woensdag 15 september 2010

Lurssen shipyard is a family business

The Lürssen shipyard is a family business in the 4th generation. Since more than 125 years more than 3000 boats, ships and yachts have been built. This experience in shipbuilding creates the basis for their success of today, which is reflected by its current positive order book. The shipyard is divided into three business fields. The first one is the building of naval vessels and special ships, like fast patrol boats, corvettes, support vessels, etc.


 marine vehicles, "Breraking",please see

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Cigarette,legends are built,not born

Cigartte racing teams factory opens at its legendary location on 188th street,which became know as thunderboat row.


 marine vehicles,"Breaking" please see


dinsdag 14 september 2010

Jaguar Marine is located in North Miami

Jaguar Marine is located in North Miami about 15 minutes south of Fort Lauderdale International Airport. Jack Clark, the owner, started racing in 1984 with a 30-foot Chris-Craft catamaran and won the APBA Pro-Stock championship and APBA Southeast Divisional Championship. He was also named 1984 rookie of the year. Jack Clark's success fueled his desire to design and build his own boat. The following year he moved up to the Open Class in a boat of his own design and construction, the 35-foot wooden Jaguar tunnel hull. "It was crude and people were skeptical but it was fast," Clark said. The problem was that its wooden construction wasn't tough enough said Clark, so he set out to find a better, lighter and stronger material.


marine vehicles,"Breaking" design j.Gielens, please see